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Why LinkedIn?

774+ Million professionals across 200 organizations worldwide. 

40+ Million - CXO's

150+ Million - Technologists

52+ Million - Decision Makers

18+ Million - Opinion Leaders & Influencers

2.9 Million Groups

Image by Souvik Banerjee

High Member Engagement

Last year 6.3 Million attended a virtual event on LinkedIn

Every month 1+ Billion interactions happen on LinkedIn

23% increases in messages sent YOY

#1 Most Trusted Platform - Business Insider

Credible across Verticals & Industries

  • In technology, LinkedIn generated 2-5x higher Return On Ad Spend than other social media platforms (Analytic Partners Study)

  • In financial services, LinkedIn generated 7x more incremental customer sign-ups than display media (Analytic Partners Study)

  • In education, LinkedIn was 2-4x as effective as other display media (Analytic Partners Study)

Thought Leadership

  • LinkedIn allows you to post long-form content, which many business leaders have used to build influential thought leadership reputations. Long-form content, when used properly, can cement you as an innovative leader and expert in your industry.

  • Be Consistent

  • Be Authentic

  • Create once, Promote forever

Use content and media effectively to nurture leads to conversion

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