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Hi, We're LinkedIn Experts.

LinkedIn is a higher funnel form of advertising than intent-based advertising platforms like AdWords, but the ability to target decision-makers & CXOs makes it an incredibly effective channel for B2B marketing.

Image by Victoria Heath

The Right Questions

What job titles are associated with your target audience?
Where does your target audience work?
What skills or interests does your target audience have?
Is your target audience typically found at a certain seniority level?
Does your target audience typically hold a certain type of position in a company?

The Right Answers

  • Clearly define goals, objectives, and deliverables for your company

  • Identify your primary target audiences wherever they can be reached

  • Explain how increasing or decreasing spending may change market outcomes

  • Assist you to assess your brand as a whole ought to be marketed

  • Explain to you how competing marketing strategies are working and failing

Exceptional tactical optimization

  • You can expect to receive a market-leading service, with excellent campaign structures based on a wide range of experience and knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. We can tailor our service to your requirements, and typically we will include:

  • Full campaign audit of existing or previous LinkedIn ad campaigns

  • Strategic review of your advertising, to ensure LinkedIn has a clear role within your marketing mix

  • Full campaign set up according to best practices and learnings from thousands of successful campaigns

  • Actionable items to change, add or remove to improve performance

  • 5-stage rating of your current setup

Put your businesses in front of Decision Makers

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