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SAAS Product Launch Case Study

Image by Ivan Diaz

Launching PAAS brands for one the largest Fintech organization in India.


Our Client is a world leader in the commercial banking and fintech industry. While they had one of the best end-to-end solutions available for leading banks and NBFCs across the globe, they wanted to grow by using the PAAS (product as a service)  route. This meant new product brands being created and launched to very specific target audiences across the banking operations.

The Challenge:

The first and foremost was to reach out to the elusive business decision-makers and the C-suite of the commercial banking world across our target markets. The second challenge was succinct messaging targeted to specific micro cohorts to create awareness and thereby leading to free trials and demos of the products.

The Approach:

We chose the leading B2B platform of LinkedIn to target specific job titles and functions within the commercial banking industry. Also, we used keyword search on Google to harness intent towards the category. Along with search, we used in-market audiences to increase our awareness pool across the display network thereby increasing our conversion funnel.

The Solution:

With targeting CXOs in question the only way we could reach them consistently over a period of time was primarily through content. Thought leadership content like webinars and industry reports were used to drive engagement on platforms like LinkedIn in a micro-targeted manner. Job function and titles were matched with messaging and content in a scalable format giving rise to a "personalization at scale" strategy for the launch.

Once awareness was created at the top of the funnel we used lower funnel tactics across LinkedIn and Google to drive online trials and demo requests.


Within 3 months' time of running the campaign, we reached the entire CXO audience at least thrice generating a 100% growth in online trials and 64% growth in demo requests. This was achieved at an extremely lot CPT, CPV, and CPA across the campaign.

Campaign Highlights:

Cost per Reach: -45%

Cost per view: -28%

Online Trials: +100%

Demo Request: +64%

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