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Demand Generation Campaigns - What works?

There are six common places where demand generation performance falters: 1. Targeting. If you’re not targeting the right audience, if you’re over-narrowing your audience with strict role/function filters, or you’re making other assumptions in your initial targeting, you might be setting your campaigns up for failure because of what you actually don’t know about them. 2. Delivery. In email marketing, if you’re only reaching a small percentage of your list, you can’t get the response volume you need. You need to fix your data. 3. Open rate. Open rate should be one of the top stats you look at because if your email isn’t opened, it can’t be responded to!

4. Copy/CTA. Copy is the Goldilocks of marketing – it’s hard to get just right. Ultimately it should be to-the-point, engaging and prescriptive – perfect across three variables. The call to action (CTA) directs your audience to what you want them to do – it’s a prescription – if they don’t do that, you fail. 5. Offering. You might get your audience to open your email, and they may read your copy, but what you offer them in exchange for further action on their part determines whether or not they’re truly engaged. 6. Landing page. Your landing page is really the final chance you have to get your audience to do what you want. Take advantage of that opportunity to make sure they take the right next step.

LinkedinExperts' ABM expertise helps you remove these bottlenecks and give you a better bang for your advertising dollar. Contact us to do an audit of your B2B marketing strategy and see your demand generation pipeline soar to newer heights.



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